Personalization Solutions for Ecommerce and Metaverse

Reduce returns and increase sales by enabling shoppers to visualize the look and fit of apparel virtually and have a more confident and convenient shopping experience.

How It Works

Through our proprietary Computer Vision technology, shoppers are able to receive biometrics based size and style recommendations instantly by simply uploading an image of themselves.


Proneer Solutions

Proneer is the first to offer personalization solutions that are compatible with ANY ecommerce or metaverse platform:

  • Biometrics based Product Recommendation

  • Size Recommendation

  • Virtual Try on


Retailer's Benefits

Increase sales


Reduce return rate

Gather metadata for product development & marketing

Apparel returns are significant contributors to waste and harm to the planet.

Proneer solutions can help retailers mitigate these negative impacts to a large degree.

Here are some of the impacts of apparel return on the environment:

Solution to Sustainability 

There is currently no integrated business model or logistics for the textile fiber recycling on a large scale.


Leaving garments on landfills leads to microplastics pollution of the soil and ocean, It takes more than 200 years for garments to decompose.


Incineration of one wedding dress on average emits the amount of CO2 equal to a 45km drive on a car.


CO2 impact from transportation of shipping 60 wedding dresses equals to a flight of one person in economy class from NYC to SF.


Waste Incineration



Solution to Diversity and Inclusion

Getting the right look & fit is an inherent problem while shopping online.
In addition, every shopper has a different color, shape and size. Instead of using more diverse models, retailers can provide the ultimate personalized shopping experience using Proneer's Virtual Try On solution to show the clothes in the body of the shoppers themselves.


Women in the US

Apparel websites in the US

Shopper's Benefits


Confident shopping experience


Convenient shopping experience


Contactless and safe shopping experience

Why Proneer


The most personalized shopping experience


Light integration process


Integratable to any shopping platform:

online or offline

Who We Are

Founded by a group of engineers and designers who are passionate about the digital transformation of Fashion Industry; Proneer is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services in retail space, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes worldwide.

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Up to 20 SKUs or 10,000 Try-ons

Fixed Fee

Includes simple integration

After hitting 20 SKUs or 10,000 Try-ons

Variable Fee

Per number of SKUs and number of Try-ons


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